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Internet Lover

I Love using the Intenet with a diverse association with it, in terms of speaking, writing, teaching and building technology. Also a proud Mozillian advocating for the Open Web! I've been volunteering at Mozilla since 2016. I contribute to various projects like the Mozilla clubs Program, (Mozilla Foundation), Mozilla's Internet health report, Mozilla Reps Program. I'm also very recently a wrangler for Mozilla Festival 2018 at Mozilla. Currently enjoying training girls and my role as a Mozillian is advocate for an open web that is accessible to all. My association with Mozilla has made a tremendous impact in the work I do today and the way I do it. I would say I'm a proud Mozillian!


I'm an advocate for the realtime web. I speak at tech events and train children especially girls on web literacy. My work involves letting the world understand this technology and the tremendous use cases the realtime world has to offer!


So my passion which is helping people especially girls ! I started this at a young age, and today I am proud to have trained over 100 girls on web literacy in the Gambia, i.e on how to read, write and participate on the web. You can find my portfolio here My Portfolio. If you have already seen my portfolio site, make sure that you have followed and left comments on my projects!


Hackathons ? Tech events ? ? Bring 'em on ! I've attended a lot of such events and even mentored a few. I've also organized a lot of them. Check here to see: HackathonGirls Events. Feel free to drop me a mail for an invitation to speak at your event.


Okay so let's face it. I'm not the nerd type. I do not code on weekends (sorry!). In my spare time I surf the Internet, do singing, sleep a lot, and Looking forward to adding more items to this list. Have an interesting hobby idea? Talk to me, I might just get started !

My Education

I did my bachelors in Information Systems major from the University of the Gambia. A high-school alumnus of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Technical Senior Secondary School.

My Family

My father is a publisher and a lecturer in English. Currently, running his own company called Fulladu publishing company, the Gambia. My mother was a principal in a senior school called ScanAid Senior School, the Gambia and currently retired.


Ever since I was eight years old, I dreamt big. I wanted to become a successful woman and knew that the road to success was built on courage, academics, and the love of learning new things. After completing my BSc in Information Systems at the University of The Gambia, I became a product engineer at a Gambian software development company where I was placed in the Education team and demonstrated a willingness to learn – I worked very hard to improve on my skills and within a month I was placed in a new Health team as the sole Product Engineer responsible for product research, product road-mapping, testing and ensuring the quality/standard of the Health products. I am currently a country manager for KUBO (IT school platform) at the Swallow Centre for Emancipating Education which is helping formal schools to bridge the gap from informal ICT use to reliable e-learning environments and with a focus on those who need it most.

Determined to break gender stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, I founded HackathonGirls in 2016. HackathonGirls is helping to build the next generation of Gambian women in technology by offering mentorship in web literacy for young girls aged 8 to 18. In 2017, the Internet Society selected me as one of the 25 under 25 doing amazing things with the Internet. I was also selected by UNICEF Africa for my tremendous work as a change maker and featured me on their website. I have achieved a lot in a short while with hardwork and believe if girls work together extraordinary things can be done in the Gambia.


  Location: Banjul, The Gambia
 E-Mail: angel.baldeh@gmail.com
 Web: https://github.com/AngelJum

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